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I'm Spencer, holistic nutrition consultant and owner of SoulSpired Nutrition.  

When it comes to nutrition, I believe we have to start reframing our thoughts and ideas around dieting and weight loss, and make nourishing our bodies the main focus!

With this philosophy, I help women optimize their monthly cycle and nourish their hormones naturally through nutrition so they can go from just surviving...

...to thriving!

Spencer Karczewski,NC,BCHN®

It was about 6 months after I had transitioned from my corporate job as a graphic designer, to starting my nutrition consulting business. I knew for the last several years I had been burning the candle at both ends working 40+ hours a week while going back to school for nutrition — but I didn't realize just how much the stress and lack of sleep had taken a toll on my body...that is, until it forced me to listen. 

I slowly went from feeling exhausted and overworked to exhausted, overworked, anxious and depressed. I also decided this was a good time to go off the pill (not my brightest idea) — Que the worst periods of my life: I'm talking irregular periods, weight gain, headaches, bloating, acne, mood swings and cramps that make you want to curl into a ball on the floor! My body had hit a wall from all of the chronic stress and nutrient depletion from being on birth control, and it was then that I realized I was going to need more than just green smoothies and gym sessions if I was going to get my hormones back into balance. 

My superpower is helping women learn how to nourish their bodies while pursuing the kind of life they actually want...one with abundant energy, joy, and better periods. 

As I began to dive in and research more about stress and it's affects on our hormones, I realized that while I was eating healthy, my body actually needed extra nourishment in order to recover, and my hormones needed different nutrients depending on which phase of my cycle I was in. I also began working on my sleep habits and finding ways to reduce stress such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and meditation.

As I began implementing these changes, I slowly started to notice my energy increase and my moods lift. My periods became regular again, and I noticed less cramping and headaches during PMS. My acne cleared up and I began to come back to my normal weight. I felt more vibrant than I had in years! 

I knew that I wasn't the only woman struggling with this same situation of chronic stress and difficult periods. I realized (the hard way!) that my health was more important than hustling 24/7, and that I could have a thriving career AND hormone balance! (you can have both, girl!)


Honesty and empathy, treating our bodies with love and kindness, making healthy eating a lifestyle, and creating balance with food.


Dieting, counting calories, body shaming, guilt tripping, or judging people for their food choices.


Hiking, on coaching calls with my delightful clients, cooking, hanging at my fave local coffee shop, or paddle boarding.

daily rituals


Prayer, walks with my handsome boyfriend and our adorable pups, a well-balanced breakfast, exercise, and hydration. 

+ BA in Digital Art by the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

+ Certified in Nutrition Consulting by the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts

+ Board Certified In Holistic Nutrition by the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board and NANP

+ Level 1-Trained in Yoga by YogaFit

I learned how to take back control of my period and I can show you how to do the same!

I started SoulSpired Nutrition because I want to show women that eating healthy can be delicious and fun! I want to create and share delicious recipes that help make meal prepping easy (even when life gets busy), and I want to help women feel empowered to reclaim their monthly cycle so they can get back to living the life they truly want — One full of energy, joy and better periods! 

I had been suffering from difficult periods and burn out for a long time before my body finally hit the wall.

Check out my private nutrition coaching sessions and learn more about how SoulSpired Nutrition can help you feel empowered to nourish your hormones, optimize your monthly cycle and boost your fertility!

Ready to learn how to nourish your hormones for a better period?

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